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Luis Falcon gave an amazing tour that truly wowed me. He has layers of knowledge about Cuban history, culture, and music and this was jam-packed full of insight and info. that was truly inspiring. I will come back with friends and family to share this remarkable experience. He also shared Cuban treats (eg. mouth-watering guava pastry, Cuban coffee, etc.). I felt a deep appreciation for the culture and its many struggles. Luis is truly exceptional.

Julie P. – February 2024  TRIPADVISOR

Maria gave us a wonderful tour, providing us very interesting cultural and historical information regarding the Cuban culture in Miami and Little Havana. We also had the great opportunity to go into various food, clothing, markets and Cuban cigar providers in the area that also gave us a great perspective on the neighborhood. The sampling of Cuban food and coffee was an extra special experience. I highly recommend this tour!

Bob L. – February 2024  TRIPADVISOR

What a FANTASTIC tour of Little Havana. It was full of information that I would have not known about If I just went on my own. This is SO WORTH IT. Our tour guide was Jennifer and she was AMAZING and full of knowledge and passion. I felt the spirit of Little Havana when she spoke about all the places we went to. Loved it and highly recommend and don’t miss out of this tour. It was a beautiful tour.

Rita C. – February 2024   TRIPADVISOR

Jenn was phenomenal!!! An amazing, educated, cultured historian, foodie, and all-around amazing woman…and guide!! She is giving back to her heritage and educating others through her sharing of her life and culture!! Loovvveeddd it!! We learned so much and we felt the community!!! She made the tour!! Thanks so much!!! And the food…WOW!

Teresa_M. – February 2024   VIATOR

My family enjoyed this wonderful tour by Louis. He was very knowledgeable and kept the tour interesting with so many facts about Cuba and shared family stories of their rich culture.

Also, the treats we ate along the way were wonderful!

Recommend for all ages.

Boytobe AJ – February 2024   GOOGLE REVIEWS

We had an absolutely fabulous time on this tour with Daniel.  He is a knowledgeable and very easygoing guide.  His personal experience with all the local vendors made it feel more like we were visiting Little Havana with a friend.  He shared personal stories which were both informative and touching.  The food was also amazing.  I recommend you skip breakfast so you have lots of room for the pastries, lunch, and ice cream!  Also, the Collada (Cuban coffee), is simply to die for.

Stephen Joyce – January 2024   GOOGLE REVIEWS

Fantastic tour! Such a great value. Our guide, Luis Falcon, spent the full two hours sharing lots of fun facts and info about the local history and landmarks. He is clearly passionate about Cuban history and that made the tour all the more enjoyable. We stopped for a croquette, pastry, and small coffee. All were delicious. He also was able to recommend solid lunch spots and a great place for a mojito afterward. Highly recommend!

JrPeaches – January 2024   TRIPADVISOR

We did the walking tour for Little Havana and this is no exaggeration when I say we had the most perfect day! My brother and his wife were in town for Thanksgiving, so we booked this tour to learn about the history and culture of Little Havana. Our tour guide, Kayan, was the absolute best and brought so much life and excitement to our tour. He made it the perfect experience that it was! 10/10 do not hesitate to book!!!

Emily Kloc – January 2024   GOOGLE REVIEWS

Hugo was extremely knowledgeable and shared with us his personal experiences from growing up in Cuba. We loved the opportunity to learn from someone who lived in Cuba until just 2 years ago.

The food and coffee were delicious and there was so much packed into just a couple of blocks in Little Havana!

We purchased tickets for the food tour, which took place after the walking tour. The walking tour included 2 different juices, coffee, and snacks so we were plenty full at the end of the tour and ended up skipping dinner.

We loved the variety of stops and were pleasantly surprised by the amount of information and varied experiences within what we initially thought would be a brief walking tour.

Our tour started at 2:00 and lasted until approximately 5:30.

Highly recommend touring with Hugo for a glimpse into Cuban culture. It’s definitely worth the price of the tickets!!

Melanie Christian – December 2023    GOOGLE REVIEWS