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Just when I thought I had seen and heard it all, when it came down to the fabric of this community, I take a Sunday morning tour with Christine Michaels and realized I knew nothing. I had spent the last 4 and a half years visiting Little Havana working on a visual arts project before I was introduced to Christine and Anneliese from the tour company and honestly without them, my project would not have been half as good as it is now, having spent time with them and taking this tour. Their knowledge of this community is unrivaled…their passion they wear on their sleeves. I’ve been on all tours all over from New York to Rome and they all seem to be the same…short, sweet and scripted. Not Little Havana Tours. This neighborhood not only caught my attention but stole my heart and after taking the tour, my love for Calle Ocho and the people who call this place home only got stronger. This is the best neighborhood in all of Miami and if you are looking to add culture to your South Florida vacation, this is a MUST!!!

Jonathan Ady, South Carolina – January 18, 2019, Facebook recommendation

10 STARS!!!

The tour and Ariel were a “10” where “5” is the highest ! I marvel at tour leaders who have the ability to do a tour over and over and yet make each group feel like they are the first and most important tour ever taken. Such is the skill of Ariel and for that we thank you. Everything was amazing–stories, insight, meeting locals, tasting delicious fresh fruit and hot meal. Saw the other large group for food tour. Grateful for this smaller VIP group.

By the way the Art Deco tour was equally fabulous, both tour and tour director.

Darryl W. Hartley-Leonard – March 21, 2018

Best Tour and Best Guide

Ariel was great tour guide. He was informative, expansive in his answers, and quite genial. Best guide I’ve had in walking tours (trust me I’ve been on a lot!). Loved the cigar/coffee shop, and the Ball & Chain. The tour was well rounded and touched on all the topics: cigars, clothing, history, and sports (dominos!) oh and the food!!!

All in all money well spent.

Ian McMahon – March 20, 2018

FIVE STARS to you, the tour & Annelise!

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful authentic tour. I enjoyed Anneliese’s professional, warm and friendly approach to the art, culture and people we encountered. The Little Havana Cultural Tour is the experience for people who want to connect to the fabric of the neighborhood, the delicious cuban food and the rich history of the area. Although, I purchased small bits of pottery, coffee and art, the real take away is the colorful knowledge Anneliese provided on the tour. I hope to return and experience your other tours and reconnect with the Agustin Gainza Arts & Tavern and Anneliese


Lauren Formicola – October 2017

Best Food Tour & Value!

We originally signed up for the culinary tour for out-of-town guests having taken it a year ago but it was cancelled and it was to our benefit. Thankfully we found this Little Havana Cultural Walking & Food Tour and we saw more, learned more, ate more and paid less! And we were relieved when we saw bus tour groups and culinary tour with large group and loud speaker while we were 5 people total on the Little Havana tour. So much more personal and comfortable, especially with the heat we could cool off in air condition and had access to sites other tours do not. The food was delicious and plenty! Warning, eat light breakfast or skip it! Locals clearly adore our tour guide Christine–so do we! If you live in South Florida you have to take this tour. So much more to this neighborhood than you realize.

Ariana Gonzalez (Miami, FL) – September 2017

Our tour was 5 out of 5 – would rate it even better if possible. We had a great time and got a lot of knowledge of Cuba, the Castro times, and the people in Little Havana. If we ever come back to Miami, we are certainly going to book some other tours from your office.

I am actually now checking the photos from our tour, and having some nice memories!


Riikka, Finland – Aug 12, 2017


Our guide Christine, made the tour for us! What a terrific person! I was running late and was not happy re: holding everyone else up. But she was gracious and allowed me to catch up. She picked key stops in this fascinating neighborhood to give us a near perfect overview within 3.5 hours.

The area is a fund of history – I’m definitely going back to Little Havana.

Kudos Christine!

Bindu (Downtown, Miami) – July 2017


This was a memorable tour where Christine brought to life the fascinating history of this working class neighborhood that was once the proposed Hollywood of the south for movie-making films.

Alex and Cindy Crawford, Minnesota – July 2011

As history and cultural buffs we immensely enjoyed this tour. Christine thoroughly presented the struggles of Cuban immigrants, the cultures and traditions carried over, and the firework politics from Cuba to Miami to Washington will expand your knowledge and heighten your awareness of the constant debate of US policy toward the communist island just 90 miles away.

It helps to have a tour guide that speaks Spanish. We sampled a Cuban sandwich (delicioso!) and tried pure sugar cane juice and the market owner happen to be there and explained the difference in the coconuts. Who knew!”

E. Tamayo, Texas – June 2011