Little Havana Cultural Walking Tour

Embark on a captivating 2-hour journey through the vibrant streets of Little Havana on Calle Ocho, a tour that mirrors our celebrated Little Havana Cultural Walking & Food experience, sans the sit-down hot meal lunch. However, your senses will still be delighted with offerings of tropical juice, freshly baked pastry, and aromatic Cuban coffee. The adventure begins at the iconic Bay of Pigs monument, where we delve into the compelling history of Cuban exiles in Miami, paving the way to explore the rich tapestry of their social, political, and artistic influences on the city’s daily life.

As we navigate through the colorful heart of Little Havana, you’ll have the unique opportunity to visit a variety of establishments operated by Cuban exiles, engage with the proprietors, and gain insights into the myriad aspects of Cuban culture. From the exotic allure of tropical fruits and traditional apparel to the intricate craftsmanship of Cuban cigars and the vibrant realms of music, dance, artistry, and age-old games, this tour is a deep dive into the essence of Cuban spirit in Miami.

Our tours are thoughtfully designed to accommodate groups of all sizes and types, making them ideal for a wide range of events. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, bachelor/bachelorette party, anniversary, family reunion, corporate event, academic excursion, or team-building activity, we specialize in creating customized experiences that leave lasting memories for every participant.

Time seems to fly on this immersive tour, and we encourage you to spare a moment post-tour to revisit a favorite spot, indulge in some shopping, or savor a leisurely lunch. While our journey does take us into select shops for a historical perspective, the heart of our tour lies in the stories and experiences shared.

For those wishing to extend their exploration with a meal, our guides are more than willing to recommend dining options that cater to your tastes. From the savory delights of Cuban cuisine to vegetarian dishes, Little Havana promises a gastronomic adventure for every palate.

Price:  Reach out to our support team for private tour pricing

When: Private tours can have customized start times

Duration & Distance: 2 hours +, Leisurely 5 block walk

Location: Bay of Pigs monument
Across the street from El Nuevo Siglo supermarket
1305 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135

Add ons: Cigar and Rum Experience | Rum Tasting Experience | Cigar Rolling Experience



  • Guided walking tour led by an expert guide.
  • Indulge in food tastings, including refreshing juice at a historic fruit market, assorted finger foods (pastries, croquettes), and authentic Cuban coffee.
  • Gratuity for the tour guide.

Not Included:

  • Any drinks with the meal; water is served.
  • Mojito or cocktails — mojito upgrade may be purchased on our website to include with the meal.

Add ons:

  • Cigar & Rum Experience  — Add a tasting of three Cuban rums, a Mojito, and a cigar to pair with Cuban coffee, complete with a souvenir cigar.
  • Rum Tasting Experience — Add a tasting of three rums and a Mojito to complement your tour experience.
  • Cigar Rolling Experience — Enhance your tour with a tasting of a freshly rolled cigar and take one cigar to go as a memorable tour souvenir.

*For add ons reach out to our Support Team. 

(Guests are welcome to purchase any beverages or other food items on their own.)