Do tours operate when it's raining?

Yes, the tour continues rain or shine. This is typical of any walking tour. However, in Miami statistically it rains less the further east. So thankfully it rains less in Little Havana (east Miami) than west Miami. Please know that June-November is rainy season and daily showers or storms can occur. Also rains last 15 minutes on average. Therefore if it is pouring rain before the tour, chances are the rain will stop at beginning of tour. We recommend to come prepared with rain gear if there is any chance of rain prediction so you can comfortably enjoy the tour. Only for Hurricane Warnings and Watch are tours cancelled and guest receives full refund.

Is it less expensive to book with other platforms or with you?

You get the best price booking directly with us. Without a middleman we can offer better, quicker service and best rate.

Do you work with confidentiality agreements for special guests?

Yes. Our boutique operation is quite discreet and has experience working with strict confidentiality agreements for filmmakers, celebrities, artists, diplomats, politicians, heads of state and royalty.

Do you offer any Little Havana Tours in the afternoon?

Little Havana is a much smaller area compared to South Beach and the establishments are even tinier. With booming tourism the heart of Little Havana and shops are usually packed with other large group tours and bus tours by noon (12pm). Most of our discerning guests are not comfortable crammed into small interiors with other people. Hence our tours strategically begin at 10am to avoid the mass crowds, the hotter weather and you can sit and relax in air condition while you enjoy a hot plated meal at the end of the tour. All other competitor tours are mostly standing. However, we do recommend a private tour around 4pm in winter or 5pm in summer to avoid the crowds if afternoon is your only availability. Please contact us directly for a private tour at [email protected]. On occasion we may offer a public tour in the afternoon. Please check the calendar for your dates.

Should we drink water before the tour?

Yes, given the warm weather, it is recommended to drink water and use restroom before the tour. You may purchase bottled water at the mini supermarket directly across the street from where we generally meet for the tour at the Bay of Pigs monument. They also have restrooms. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the tour as the tour begins promptly on time.

Can we take photos or videos?

You are welcome to take photos and videos anywhere we stop. The tour guide is happy to take your group or family photo. However, it is prohibited to audio or video record the entire tour.

Is it expected or customary to tip the tour guide?

Yes, given the expert knowledge and skill it takes to be a cultural guide, it is customary in Miami to tip the tour guides. The average is $10-15 per person. Guides, like waiters, rely mostly on tips in Little Havana and South Beach.

Where is Parking?

Free parking near the meeting point is in the neighborhood.

Note: Street parking on SW 8th street is not recommended as there is a 3-hour limit and you can not extend it.

Directions from I-95 (Miami Beach or downtown), go west on SW 7th street.

At 12th Avenue turn left. At light go straight (crossing over SW 8th street).

Turn right onto SW 10th street. At the stop sign go straight (cross 12th Court) and park anywhere on side street in front of homes.

A landmark is an old yellow home on a street corner with bougainvillea. See photo.

Walking, turn north on SW 13th Ave towards the monument. Streets run east-west; avenues run north-south.

Parking near Bay of Pigs MonumentParking near Bay of Pigs Monument

Why Choose Little Havana Tours?

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    Little Havana Tours is the original boutique walking tour company offering daily cultural tours to the public.
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    The Company was established in 2009 which was originally founded by a female entrepreneur.
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    Standards for joining Little Havana Tours are high. Guides must demonstrate in-depth accurate knowledge of the history and a genuine passion for the culture. The team at Little Havana Tours is the only certified group of tour guides.
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    Art Deco Tours Inc. dba Little Havana Tours is licensed to conduct tours in the State of Florida. License No. ST39081. This may be verified by visiting

As tourism is exploding, so are the opportunities for a piece of the tourism pie. To protect you, the consumer, from fraud and accidents, the State of Florida requires a tour guide or company to be licensed, which means they are incorporated, bonded and insured. Warning! There are many tour guides/operators operating without a license. You may verify if a company is licensed by visiting the Division of Corporations – Florida Department of State and typing the company name. Or some tour operators are falsely claiming to be a sister company or subsidiary of our company or other licensed operator. For example, if XYZ company says they are part of ABC company, we recommend contacting ABC company via the contact information as listed in the State of Florida website to verify the claim. We are licensed under our parent name ART DECO TOURS and have purchased a “dba” license for LITTLE HAVANA TOURS. The phone number to reach us is the same one listed on the State of Florida site.